HISTORY OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICES and PUBLIC SERVICE to defend, reform and improve the integrity of the Legal and Health Care Systems  [ Email: rchrisbarden@gmail.com ; Phone 1-425-263-2361  ]  :      
     Forensic Psychology & Science Expert Witness services in family, criminal, and civil cases in many states.              Clinical Psychology - Services (assessment and therapy) in hospitals, clinics, surgical teams, a U.S. Veterans Administration Hospital,  major medical schools, schools, and a state prison.      
     Law - Complex litigation in many states.  Record jury verdicts and settlements as a trial attorney in complex science cases.  National and international media have reported on Dr. Barden's cases incl. Daubert hearings.     
     Law - Consultation services in many states in civil, criminal, and family law cases with a focus on building teams of national experts and litigators, winning complex science cases, excluding junk science testimony by excluding improper expert witnesses, and protecting the integrity of the legal system.      
     Teaching-Training-Speaking - Continuing professional education talks in dozens of states. Invited addresses to major universities including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, University of Minnesota, U.S.C., and others.         
     Optimal Performance Systems - Training and consultation with attorneys, surgeons, fighter pilots, athletes, international Olympic coaches, the United States Military Academy (West Point) and others.     
     Science Consultant - Expert consultation with state and federal govt agencies and private citizens. 

R. Chris Barden, Ph.D., JD     rchrisbarden@gmail.com : 801-230-8328
National Expert in Science, Clinical Psychology and Law